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About Us

MAGA Systems & Consulting

Is a Web Developer Agency dedicated exclusively to the development of dynamic websites based on the Drupal Framework.

Our team gathers many disciplines and experience in different areas to ensure the success of the projects.  To achieve that, we have collected experience in infrastructure, R&D, information security, business process, budget management, knowledge transfer, mentoring, web applications, web semantics, among others.

Project Management is finelly ingrained in all the work done and is a important component in ensuring the success of the projects we manage.


María Gabriela Fong

Founder, Technical Consultant and Drupal Specialist

Maria Gabriela Fong is a Drupal Specialist focusing on highly dynamic websites that can be  maintained by end users.  Her trajectory on web development started 20 years ago when the first commercial internet hubs appeared and has since implemented from simple websites to web apps with Business Processes, Workflows, Financial Systems and ERP's all web based.

She has also a strong background as Technology Consultant with focus on achieving business objetives where she is an expert at creating innovative technical solutions for the long term, putting together highly skilled teams, ensuring knowledge transfer to the client and keeping inside a realistic budget.  The key being knowledge transfer where the client is capable of working independently after the solution is implemented.

Her role nowadays is identifying and executing interesting projects based on Drupal that will make a positive impact and addition to our world and surroundings.  Bringing her skills as technology consultant ensures the projects are correctly implemented, secure, manageable and able to evolve easily and graceful.

Areas of expertise include information security, project management, business process improvement, opensource software, technology consulting, systems integration, mentoring and coaching of high performance teams, research and development, systems integration, user experience.